iPod Batteries; Charging, Maintenance

By Sebastian Pilaf, Jun 5 2017 09:57PM

Lately alot of people have emailed Hot iPod News asking about charging iPod batteries and extending iPod battery life, so I decided to answer all these emails with an article on iPod battery charging/life.

iPod batteries are lithium-ion-polymer type batteries. A rather new technology first invented in the 70s, with a dry solid polymer electrolyte, but since updated and improved by using a gelled electrolyte. Current lithium-ion-polymer batteries such as iPod batteries, cellphone batteries, and batteries found in many other portable devices, are very low profile (often resembling the profile of a credit card), lightweight, and are much safer -- as they are more resistant to over-charging, and less likely to leak electrolytes.

Now that we know a little bit about iPod batteries, let's discuss how iPod batteries should be charged and looked after.

One very common misconception about iPod batteries is that they have a 'battery memory'. New technology lithium-ion and lithium-ion-polymer batteries DO NOT have a memory, and NO SCHEDULED CYCLING of the battery is required, as matter of fact, this practise - of routinely draining and then fully recharging iPod batteries - may actually do much more harm than good.

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Lithium-ion-polymer batteries tipically are rated at 300-500 charges, while the iPod batteries tend to be in the higher end, closer to 500 charges. iPod batteries prefer a partial discharge rather than a full discharge. Frequent full discharges should be avoided when possible. Instead, charge your iPod batteries more often. There is no concern of memory when applying unscheduled charges. Under normal usage, it is recommended to maybe once a month fully drain your ipod batteries and fully recharge them, in order to recalibrate the battery indicator.

Lithium-ion-polymer batteries should be charged when 80% drained, and stored with a 40% charge if you are not going to be using your iPod for a period of time. Store your iPod in a cool dry place. Avoid warm temperatures, as this will accelerate iPod battery aging. Do not fully deplete iPod batteries when storing, because lithium-ion polymer batteries may turn off their protection circuit.

Avoid buying economy brand chargers that boast a 1 hour charge cycle. The fastest full chage cycle time for iPod batteries is 2-3 hours.

To test the strength of iPod batteries, on a full charge, load your iPod with enough songs (not video) to play continually for the typical battery time listed in the specs of your iPod (generally 7-8 hours), and let it play though your playlist using standard settings (no EQ and normal volume). If your iPod batteries lasted considerably less than rated, you may need servicing.

If you follow these tips for charging iPod batteries, they should serve you well for a long time to come.

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