By guest, Apr 22 2017 08:19PM

Choosing a good Website Hosting Company can make the difference between the success and failure of your business. Here are 6 secrets to ensure that you choose the best Website Hosting company for your business.

1. Does the company have provision to backup your data? Imagine loosing your entire website, all your data, your customer database and all your hard work in one single blow up or power failure. Ensure that the hosting plan you choose has a robust backup system in place.

2. Does the hosting plan include any promotion software? Building a website is like opening a retail outlet in your garage. Until you market it and promote it nobody is going to visit it. A good Website Hosting company understands the need to drive traffic to a customer’s website.

3. Does the hosting plan allow audio and video files to be played on the website? Is real media included in the package? For auction sites it can be imperative to put up a live video of the product being auctioned off. Some hosting companies may charge extra for supporting real media files.

4. Does the Website Hosting plan give you enough storage space to increase the content on your website? Good content not only draws more and more visitors to your website but also improves your search engine rankings. In fact, search engine optimized pages are the key to getting high search engine rankings. Ensure that your hosting plan does not limit the number of pages you can have on your website.

5. Does the hosting plan allow you to set up autoresponders? Responding to an email within 24 hours is an absolute must for the success of your business. A large number of queries sent in by customers can be answered by setting up a few simple autoresponders. Ensure that your hosting plan allows you to set up multiple autoresponders.

6. Does the webserver on which your hosting plan exists have antivirus software in place? If there’s anything worse than not backing up your data it has to be loosing it to a virus! Also, a virus infected website sends out exactly the wrong message to customers.

All these factors are especially vital if you have chosen to go for a shared Website Hosting plan. In the case of dedicated hosting plans you need to instruct the hosting company to install all these features for you. They may charge you extra for all the features so be careful when evaluating the costs. All these factors can greatly influence the success of your business so choose your Website Hosting service provider cautiously.